Check out these other Friends-of-the-Cuties Fringe shows!

We were so honored to be top 3 Best Burlesque 2021 from the readers of Orlando Weekly, let's do it again! Hop on over to cast your votes for your favorites of O-town!

Ncki Jay is not your average showgirl. A life where helping sick animals is among her daily routines all the while quirkily seducing an audience. Peeling away the layers and causing a Storm at local theme parks is her specialty. Be sure to follow Corsets & Cuties along with The Ladies of Peekaboo Lounge for all her appearrances.

ALL the thanks to Tony and Susan plus the staff at Premier Couples Superstore- Proud sponsors of Corsets and Cuties :))

Founder and HBIC, Lady Jaimz, is super excited to be back for round y of Orlando Fringe with the Cuties- underground in Stardust Lounge. She's looking forward to going a little crazy! Special thanks to Mom and Pop from Premier Couples for their continued support, Blue Star for your guidance and love, friends and family who keep us going!!

Tymisha aka "Tush"-   Known around town for Fringe hits Josephine, Josie & Grace, and with the Ladies of the Peekaboo Lounge and Varietease for that tush, this Orlando ICONIC performer has popped in and out with the Cuties from the beginning and we're thrilled to have her in the underground with us at Stardust Lounge.

Forget your cash and want to tip the Cuties? No problem! We're hooked up to technology through Venmo- feel free to send your appreciation to @corsets-and-cuties and all monies received will be shared among the cast- xox

Ann E. Pie . joined us for our most recent amateur show and has quickly become a regular kitten at most Cutie shows- this year, she joins us for ICONCI!

Barbi Rhinestone is a founding member of the Cuties and is back for the Orlando Fringe Festival to be ICONIC at Stardust Lounge!

Appearing this year in ICONIC

Elle Eclectica is not only our stage manager extraordinaire but she and her husband were also married on the Cuties stage February 2019! Keeping the Cuties organized is a lesson in patience and perseverance- and she's the lucky lady with that job!​​

Bella Marie- With the longest legs in burlesque, Bella went from guest star to Cutie in one high kick!

Jax N. Augh loves long walks on the beach. And bacon.

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Christy Cuts has the distinct honor of collecting clothes and cash for the Cuties. Keep an eye out for her kitty- careful, it bites.

Venus Lovetrap ​Sweet and spicy, Venus LoveTrap is Shimmying straight out of the Hourglass District to bump and grind her way into your heart.