Vicki Macchiato

Babs Bordeaux

Vera Valentine

Stage Manager Annette joins us to make magic in a whole other way keeping the Cuties in check and the show on a roll!

Odessa Rose

​​Ms. Divine has made a career out of using her sultry vocals to captivate audiences literally across the across the world!   Working along side such other talented woman has given her the spark to reignite the passion for the arts ALL OVER AGAIN!

​Special Agent Barbi Rhinestone (actual identity cannot be disclosed) has recently infiltrated the underworld that is Burlesque in order to put a stop to rhinestone hate crimes. Crimes against rhinestones are very real and often overlooked and ignored as they are either applied incorrectly and wasted or are used to adorn things that they shouldn't. Barbi is here to correct this injustice like a Rhinestone Cowboy and might as well take the opportunity to entertain you! And remember, please, don't hurt the rhinestones..

Producer, director, Emcee and all-around HBIC with a background in improv and audience warm up, stirring up the crowd is like second nature for Lady Jaimz. Off stage you can find her at home being a domestic goddess or hosting various events and conventions around town- any which way, damn sure she's in control.


Franki Markstone

Winner of our 2020 Amateur Contest Libra Moon flies high and gets low in various styles of performances -we're excited to see where she goes from here!

Chase Padgett


Bunny Bourbon

Missy Moscato        Mocha Starfish       Luscious Lissa

Jax N. Augh is a scholar and not-so-gentleman. A gemini, Mr. Augh likes long walks on the beach, a little bubbly in a hot bubble bath & a good ole fashioned sing along. As long as it's an all male choir that is. He is proud to once again grace the stage on high...heels & show you what he's got. Ladies and Gents, hold on to your seats, Jax N. Augh has a load of talent for your enjoyment.

Risa Risque

Sea Cats

Kristin Michelle


Addison Panic

MJ Layman

Cami Miller

Dakota Hills

Previous Appearances by...

Bella Marie has the longest legs in burlesque and definitley shows them off to prove it! As smart as she is sassy, this school girl is going places!

James Pasty

Elle Eclectica    

Christy Cuts is kitten extraordinaire assisting in all the things but always bringing her kitty with her.


Lottie L'amour




Kady Laq   

He sets out props, moves stage pieces and picks up our sweaty panties- he's a hard working man... and now he's taking his turn on stage- Catch Tony Bonefish bringing our most favorite movie fantasies to life!

Saige Love

One spooky Cutie, Cherran Daddea had our hearts from the start- watch out, when she's on stage she'll gladly feast on yours, too!

Teddy has soared over C & C audiences in a couple guest spots and was officially invited to the cast April 1st- no foolin'! With lyra, silks, hammocks, and chain routines we can't wait to see what he does next!


Apple Teenie     

Leia Nicely

Crumcake Cutie is back! She's sugar and spice and may be nice but don't come between her and her pie.


Blue Star

Nicki Jay

Asphasia Amore


Gypsy L'amour

Bebe Caliberr brings classic burlesque to life with her stylish numbers and classic costumes but you never know when she's got something a little spicy up her sleeve.