"My favorite! I've been going to their shows a couple years now. Every show is unique. You never know what to expect, except talent and a great time!!"

"This is burlesque with a comic twist and it will shock and amaze you." 

"To say that this is just a burlesque troupe who create good shows is a subpar description for Corsets and Cuties. These performers are a collective of individuals who proudly bare all in a display of powerful celebration of self. These artists are not only entertaining, but also inspiring. They are truly models of the strength of passion and raw individualistic spirit.
... Also boobs."

"Had such a good time Saturday at the Venue watching all you sexy talented ladies. Oh and that very talented sexy man meat, too. Can't wait for the next show. I'll bring more singles next time."

"Truly something for everyone! Go for the humor, the music, the live vocals, the scantily clad women. Or (like me) the scantily clad men."

"So entertaining and a great variety of acts. It takes a LOT of work (and love) to put a show like that together and I want you to know you are appreciated!!!"

"A-MAZ-ING show tonight! Thank you, all, for all your time, talent, and energy!"

"Outstanding performances, stand-out stars, and an emcee who’s sarcastic, affable, and hilarious are the elements that keep this amazing show light, fun, and a must-attend Orlando experience."

"We need more of this in Orlando!"

"My first show was last night and it was absolutely one of the greatest nights I've had in forever! The ladies and gents of Corsets and Cuties are hilarious, entertaining and talented! Hope to be at many more shows soon!"

A few of the nice things people are sayin' about the Cuties...

"Super cute! So much fun! Actual dancing. Actual singing. Tissue/silks. Truly appreciate the time, effort and thought put into each artist's performance. Appropriate energy. Costuming. Highly recommend !!!"